A “Better Way Session” is essentially a collaborative conversation where a manager or business owner discusses a process they believe could be improved, and our team engages in brainstorming to optimize it. We’re attentive listeners, great at exploring ideas for enhanced efficiency, quality, and customer experience to give your company a competitive edge. Typically, these sessions yield several ideas, which we then evaluate, estimate costs for, and potentially implement if deemed beneficial.

Check out some examples below and see if a Better-Way Session could benefit you!

Example 1: During a “better way” session with a struggling customer using three different accounting packages, it was discovered that their company structure hindered efforts to consolidate data effectively. A solution was devised to extract data from each accounting package in near real-time, integrate it into a data warehouse, and generate profit and loss reports per product line, resulting in improved reporting accuracy and efficiency for their manufacturing business.

Example 2: A restaurant management company sought a “better way” session to streamline their store evaluation process, which involved manual paper-based assessments every three weeks. Together, we devised a solution involving an iPad-friendly web portal for evaluators to conduct assessments, automatically compiling data into a data warehouse for streamlined reporting across stores, quarters, and time periods, offering a significant improvement over their previous method.

Example 3: In a “better way” session with a service company employing well-paid technicians, we discussed improving their time-tracking and invoicing process, currently managed through Excel files and manual approvals. We proposed a mobile phone solution where technicians select standardized tasks, input time and special activities, which then seamlessly integrate into customer invoices via a secure portal, offering a more efficient and higher-quality solution for both the company and its customers compared to the manual Excel method.

Example 4:

A company tasked with billing the military sought a “better way” session to streamline the process of re-submitting rejected items for approval. We devised a solution involving a portal to automatically collect rejected line items, allowing for easy adjustments and attachments before mass resubmission with just a click, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and significantly reducing effort, thus improving profitability and efficiency for the company.

Example 5: A company’s remote helpdesk needed a more efficient system to manage calls from across the country, including handling updates, customer communication, and documenting incidents. We created a secure portal allowing helpdesk agents to trigger actions electronically, view multiple camera feeds, communicate with customers live, and log incidents for documentation. Additionally, we implemented a feature to compile audio and video feeds into easily reviewable MP4 videos for training purposes, ultimately improving the helpdesk’s ability to serve customers efficiently and effectively.

Example 6: In a “better way” session for a logistics company, we addressed the need for real-time updates on important shipments for specific customers. By integrating with the truck management system, we developed a portal where customers could register and select the loads they wanted updates on, receiving notifications via email or text with accurate GPS-based tracking. Customers were delighted with the solution, which mimicked the experience of tracking an Uber driver in real-time, making it a successful project and a fantastic “better way” session.

Example 7: In a “better way” session with a professional service company, we addressed the challenge of accurately assessing profitability and performance of their billing arrangements. We developed a professional service portal to automatically add billed hours to invoices, facilitating easy integration into their accounting systems. By recording data in a data warehouse, we enabled the company to compare costs, track profitability per individual, and assess project success against a 20% profit margin goal, streamlining their reporting process and ensuring better performance evaluation.

Example 8: In a “better way” session with a logistics company managing a non-standard aspect of their business involving tracking rail car time in the yard, we devised a solution using a secure portal. Employees could log in with their Microsoft user accounts, input information, and generate invoices automatically, ensuring accurate billing for late rail car stays and avoiding any financial burden on the company or its customers. This streamlined process prevented any potential billing discrepancies and improved efficiency for managing this aspect of their operations.

Example 9: In a “better way” session for a loan management group using multiple versions of HubSpot CRM, we addressed the challenge of inter-departmental communication. By brainstorming and integrating solutions, we developed a system to automatically push data between departments, improving efficiency and saving time and resources. The proposed solution promised a significant return on investment and was set for implementation, marking the session as a success in finding a better way to streamline operations.

Example 10: In a fun “better way” session with a logistics company, we tackled the challenge of communicating damaged goods pickups or drop-offs efficiently. By brainstorming ideas, we developed a smart mobile app solution that allowed truck drivers and dock workers to easily capture and submit photos of damaged items along with relevant details directly into the corporate system. This streamlined process ensured swift communication with customers and was deemed a significant improvement for quickly disseminating important information.

Example 11: In a fun “better way” session with a client, we addressed the manual effort required to organize emails and attachments into their document management software. By implementing smart rules and AI, we devised a solution to automatically extract and categorize email content into the appropriate document management workflows, significantly reducing tedious office tasks and enhancing automation within their existing system without the need for software replacements.

Example 12: In collaboration with a customer looking to enhance their e-commerce website, we devised a plan to unify their platform and introduce a loyalty points store for customers. By implementing a mobile app and portal, we successfully increased sales and customer loyalty, demonstrating the effectiveness of our brainstorming session and technological solutions in driving business growth and customer engagement. It was a rewarding experience that showcased the power of innovative thinking and technology integration.

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