Apprenticeship Program

Steele Consulting offers in-depth programming apprenticeship programs to El Paso and Southern New Mexico youth.

Reduced Rates

Steele Consulting regularly provides free or at-cost programming services for local non-profit organizations.

Community Volunteers

Each month, Steele Consulting employees volunteer a day in service to the local community on company time.

A few of the non-profits we support are:
Desert Rain Community
Chaparral, New Mexico
Weekly services and prayers for area, housing for volunteer work groups who come to the region, free retreats for teachers and volunteer workers, 7 day-a-week counseling and short term stays for divorced, abused, hurting families and/or individuals, work program, home repairs and maintenance for the poor, weekly visitations and ministry to area prisons and weekly children’s ministry.
Heart for the World
Las Cruces, New Mexico
An interdenominational faith based ministry made up of churches, businesses, and individuals serving poor communities locally and around the world.
Staurolite Foundation
New Braunfels, Texas
The Staurolite Foundation aims to bring the light of the world to individuals and communities through education, leadership, and recreational activities. We exist to assist individuals and communities through services and funding with their life sustaining and eternal needs.
Monk Drums
Chaparral, New Mexico
Monk Drums is an attempt at blending a craft of creating beautiful instruments with the beautiful gift of “second chances” for the people we meet in our communal-living journey. Monk Drums has been crafting instruments for several years and playing them for decades.

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