Web Applications

Powerful custom internal or external web apps designed to fit your business needs

Mobile Applications

Customized apps designed to add value to your business on all mobile platforms

Big Data & Data Analytics

Maintaining the information you need, making it easily manageable and laying it out in a way that prioritizes what you need to see

Virtual Teams

Experienced teams who connect with you and your goals to push your projects forward

User Interface & Experience Design

Creative, modern designs founded on years of design education and experience

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Protecting and restoring your information

Steele Consulting is a technology consulting firm that specializes in helping its customers solve business problems. We design, build, and implement technology to help you improve the way you do business.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

                                                               –Greg Steele 

President, Chief Solution Architect

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Web & Mobile Applications

User Interface & User Experience Design

Virtual Teams

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Networking & Infrastructure

Big Data & Data Analysis

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Our Clients

Case Study: Responsive Learning Exceeds the Technological Demands of the Immediate Shift to Online Education

About Responsive Learning Responsive Learning is an online company that provides administrators and school faculty with the training and resources they need to meet compliance requirements, provide continuing education...

Here’s How Steele Consulting is Safely Celebrating Christmas in 2020! (Pandemics won’t stop this party).

You may think a group of software developers doesn’t know how to party, but oh, how wrong you are.  Although our drive and focus here at Steele Consulting is to provide quality custom software for our clients, we also...

Want the Most Out of Your Custom Software Product? Be a Legendary Product Owner!

The best software products come out of legendary client-developer collaborations. When we build a custom software product for your business, we want that product to effortlessly support your operational needs and goals. ...

Want to Know How to Make Your IT Department Better? Apply this Critical Perspective Shift.

According to the unmatched wisdom of Investopedia: A cost center is a department or function within an organization that does not directly add to profit but still costs the organization money to operate.  Reality check: IT...

How Much is Too Much Commitment? Our Team Can Tell You from this Experience

It’s good to be busy. It’s good to have things to do and things to accomplish throughout your day. It’s good to come back home, feel like you were productive, recharge your batteries, and do it again the next day,...

Here’s What to Expect When You Work With Steele Consulting

At any given moment, you can access our website and take a look at our vision for this company: To love, grow, and radically serve our customers, our team, and our community. Our core values are how we implement this...

Why is Custom Software so Expensive?

Let’s face it. Custom software is expensive. (We’re sure you’re very surprised to hear this.) But why is it so expensive? And more importantly, is it actually worth it? If you manage an SMB with ever-growing technical...

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Custom Software.

So, you’ve decided to hire a developer to build custom software for your company. That’s great! (And we don’t just say that because we’re software developers.) (Well, maybe a little.) Whether you’ve already hired a software...

5 Investments Steele Consulting Implemented to Lower Our Tech Turnover Rate

First, the bad news.  LinkedIn discovered that the tech turnover rate is the highest of any industry, at over 13.2%. The highest of any industry. And we’ve seen it much worse in specific technology hubs.   As a technology...

Making Work Visible

Every project manager’s biggest struggle is improving workflow. Strategies, systems, and techniques have been developed in an attempt to alleviate this struggle, but they often don’t expose or address root issues. This is where visible work is needed

Making work visible helps uncover hidden issues that are wasting time and slowing down your workflow.

Years of experience




Greg Steele

Greg Steele

President, Chief Solution Architect

Greg Steele has been in Software Development for over 23 years.
Donny Cannoy

Donny Cannoy

Vice-President, Project Manager, Senior Technical Lead

Donny Cannoy has been in Software Development for over 18 years.

Phil Appel

Phil Appel

Project Manager, Senior Software Analyst & Advisor

Phil Appel has been a software development consultant for over 25 years.