Web Applications

Powerful custom internal or external web apps designed to fit your business needs

Mobile Applications

Customized apps designed to add value to your business on all mobile platforms

Big Data & Data Analytics

Maintaining the information you need, making it easily manageable and laying it out in a way that prioritizes what you need to see

Virtual Teams

Experienced teams who connect with you and your goals to push your projects forward

User Interface & Experience Design

Creative, modern designs founded on years of design education and experience

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Protecting and restoring your information

Steele Consulting is a technology consulting firm that specializes in helping its customers solve business problems. We design, build, and implement technology to help you improve the way you do business.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

                                                               –Greg Steele 

President, Chief Solution Architect

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Web & Mobile Applications

User Interface & User Experience Design

Virtual Teams

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Networking & Infrastructure

Big Data & Data Analysis

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Our Clients

Why is Custom Software so Expensive?

Let’s face it. Custom software is expensive. (We’re sure you’re very surprised to hear this.) But why is it so expensive? And more importantly, is it actually worth it? If you manage an SMB with ever-growing technical...

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Custom Software.

So, you’ve decided to hire a developer to build custom software for your company. That’s great! (And we don’t just say that because we’re software developers.) (Well, maybe a little.) Whether you’ve already hired a software...

5 Investments Steele Consulting Implemented to Lower Our Tech Turnover Rate

First, the bad news.  LinkedIn discovered that the tech turnover rate is the highest of any industry, at over 13.2%. The highest of any industry. And we’ve seen it much worse in specific technology hubs.   As a technology...

Making Work Visible

Every project manager’s biggest struggle is improving workflow. Strategies, systems, and techniques have been developed in an attempt to alleviate this struggle, but they often don’t expose or address root issues. This is where visible work is needed

Making work visible helps uncover hidden issues that are wasting time and slowing down your workflow.

Intro to React

Photo by Artem Sapegin What is React? React is a flexible Javascript library created by Facebook in 2011 that handles the View in traditional MVC model apps. React lets you create highly efficient and reusable UI’s known as...

Steele Outreach Program 2

Steele Consulting is continuing its pursuit to give back to the community, setting our sights on high schools in the local El Paso area by volunteering with Microsoft's Technology, Education, and Literacy in Schools (TEALS)...

Building Trust With Your Customers

Building trust with your customers is a fundamental part of business. Without trust, your customers are not going to feel comfortable with purchasing your services or products.

This is our third and final article in our series on trust.

Building Team Trust

Trust is a very important part of your business, and it’s crucial to build trust with your team and your coworkers. This is the second article in our three-part series on the importance of trust.

The Significance of Trust

There are many variables that affect success. Most business leaders will focus first on areas such as growing a client base and increasing sales. However, while these are important, no part of a business can grow or improve without some foundation of trust. This article will be the first in our series on trust where we’ll cover why trust is important and how to build it in different areas of your business.

How to Motivate Your Developer Team

Actions speak louder than words, and your team members are watching how you behave and react. In difficult situations, make sure you are responding with a positive attitude that encourages the team, and do not speak badly about another team, team member or the customer.

Years of experience




Greg Steele

Greg Steele

President, Chief Solution Architect

Greg Steele has been in Software Development for over 23 years.
Donny Cannoy

Donny Cannoy

Vice-President, Project Manager, Senior Technical Lead

Donny Cannoy has been in Software Development for over 18 years.

Phil Appel

Phil Appel

Project Manager, Senior Software Analyst & Advisor

Phil Appel has been a software development consultant for over 25 years.