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Powerful custom internal or external web apps designed to fit your business needs

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Maintaining the information you need, making it easily manageable and laying it out in a way that prioritizes what you need to see

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Experienced teams who connect with you and your goals to push your projects forward

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Creative, modern designs founded on years of design education and experience

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Protecting and restoring your information

Steele Consulting is a technology consulting firm that specializes in helping its customers solve business problems. We design, build, and implement technology to help you improve the way you do business.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

                                                               –Greg Steele 

President, Chief Solution Architect

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Virtual Teams

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Our Clients

#10 Why Software Projects Fail: Didn’t Keep it Simple

https://youtu.be/sMvXvE7Ni2U?feature=shared In the intricate world of software development, the allure of complexity often beckons. However, there's a delicate balance between innovation and simplicity, and failing to keep...

#9 Why Software Project Fail: Poor Stake Holder Adoption

https://youtu.be/rz5OkLBW2KI?feature=shared In the dynamic landscape of software development, the success of a project extends beyond its technical prowess. Stakeholder adoption plays a pivotal role in determining whether a...

#8 Why Software Projects Fail: Wrong Project Leader

https://youtu.be/iJ3AAXgWxVs?feature=shared In the realm of software development, the role of leadership is pivotal in steering projects towards success. However, traditional models often place IT departments at the...

#7 Why Software Projects Fail: Weak Value

https://youtu.be/SMfAZU9M3-Q?feature=shared The success of a software project is not solely determined by its flawless implementation; it also hinges on whether users find value in revisiting the software regularly. In the...

#6 Why Software Projects Fail: Subject Matter Expert Delegated the Design

https://youtu.be/GIKgxOWzwWw?feature=shared In the intricate landscape of software development, having a knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) at the helm can be a game-changer. However, when these experts delegate the...

#5 Why Software Projects Fail: Not Enough Communication

https://youtu.be/7Suv-tlGHrY?feature=shared Communication is the lifeblood of successful software development projects. Yet, in the fast-paced and complex world of coding, the importance of effective communication is often...

#4 Why Software Projects Fail: No Time to Test or Improve

https://youtu.be/R9Fr64iUuVY?feature=shared In the fast-paced realm of software development, there's often an inherent pressure to deliver projects quickly. However, the urgency to meet deadlines can inadvertently lead to a...

#3 Why Software Projects Fail: Razor Thin Budget

https://youtu.be/iMM8DwuX-HA?feature=shared Embarking on a software project is a journey fraught with challenges, and navigating the budgetary waters is often one of the most treacherous tasks. While it's natural to aim for...

#2 Why Software Projects Fail: Experts are Too Busy to be on the Team 

https://youtu.be/8apr4X5owNs?feature=shared Embarking on a software project is akin to setting sail on a journey into the digital realm. While many projects navigate smoothly toward success, others find themselves adrift in...

#1 Why Software Projects Fail: Didn’t spend enough effort on Design

https://youtu.be/MRvzKVA2bUo The inception of a software project marks the beginning of a digital journey, with the design serving as its compass. Like the intricate blueprints of a building, the design outlines the...

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Greg Steele

Greg Steele

President, CEO, Sales & Business Development

Greg Steele has been in Software Development for over 25 years, and helps guide customers toward awe-inspiring solutions to their business problems.

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Donny Cannoy

Donny Cannoy

Vice-President, Chief People Officer, Software & Systems Architecture

Donny Cannoy has helped establish a world-class culture at Steele Consulting, and is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. He has been in Software Development for over 23 years.

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