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Steele consulting offers on-shore, short or long-term software development teams to complete the projects your current team hasn’t had time to get to. We’re fast and nimble! We typically finish good sized projects in just a month or two. Or we can provide deeply discounted development teams dedicated to your company full time. We’ve provided development “SWAT Teams” to many companies like GE, Interpark, Stevens Transportation,, and more.
What makes our teams different? Let’s face it. Turnover is expensive. It’s estimated that IT turnover costs organizations 1.5 times the salary of each new hire. Developers spend an average of less than 2.5 years at a company, and its often much worse than that in big IT cities. That means your institutional knowledge is constantly walking out the door when you try to hire on-site developers.
In contrast, customers using our virtual teams have had less than 5% turnover over the last 15 years. We locate our development teams in medium sized metros where talent is stable instead of the IT mecas. So our customers’ institutional knowledge stays with the team and you benefit from a deep knowledge base year over year.
We work hard to hire great people and keep them. We strive to build a winning culture of accountability and communication. We also cross-train our team as we work on technology so that if someone’s out, you can have confidence that your project is still being worked on and it completed on time.
Offshore teams might appear inexpensive, but the time-zone difference, language, and cultural barriers can pose great challenge to communication and productivity. These barriers destroy or distort your message and priorities costing you time, money and team members. A former CIO of a Fortune 20 company told us, “We literally threw away millions of dollars on our off-shore teams. We’re pulling all of our development efforts back within US shores and locating them in small metros where talent is still very affordable.” They were more than pleased when they switched to our dedicated teams for their software needs.

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